Work break @ 3pm ET.  LIVE #ANTM audition for #RedLipSmize #SmizeCap. I won't tell UR boss
  • tyrabanksWork break @ 3pm ET. LIVE #ANTM audition for #RedLipSmize #SmizeCap. I won't tell UR boss

  • olgab0914И?
  • deemakeuwetSexy
  • veronikazykovaTyra you are unbelievable
  • jordancaliforniaSan Diego #169 💪
  • emmagillanderOMG Tyra! I think you're so cool! I love top model and you are a beautiful model!! You inspire me!! I would be so happy if you respond to me but I understand that you not have the time..but PLEASE!! That would be so cool! @tyrabanks 💗
  • ashleymadrid2015@tyrabanks I no that commenting that nothing will happen, but I think ur so BEAUTIFUL and ur such an inspiration, even though u might have crazy eyes :) its so awesome that ur comfortable with urself :) -from a radom girl out of millions that follows u :)
  • megamenemTyra!!!! Ur soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooioooooooooooooooooooo damn awesome! Sweet personality too! Fine ass hell! Body of a goddess!!! Funny as chris rock!!!!! Body of a goddess!!! Had to say that last part again cuz u gots it going on like that!!!! I mean u like a double cheese burger that's healthy just all good and juicy, ain't no down side to you. Ok I think I said too much already 💨 😁
  • brownsugaaaaaaMY TWIN
  • 7.o9amMay I please have your body or?
  • annie.nOmg @tyrabanks I love u in fresh prince of bel air!! I wish u stayed on longer for the season!!
  • jessicacymoneIs it too late to audition? @tyrabanks @tyrabanks @tyrabanks
  • scsheedy_photogThe photo challenges inspire me as a photographer to create magic. #thankyou @tyrabanks
  • prettymia28I luv u trya u r crazy n funny like me
  • dizzylittledreamer143People tell me I'm beautiful but then I look at Ur pictures and think to myself "are they blind... Not even close!!!!!"
  • jessicahernandez33Love u !!!!!! 😀😀😘 @tyrabanks
  • daddyhagan82So beautiful and amazing
  • barcodebygabbyI look up to you your amaing
  • meeendiiEyes of an angel.
  • sally.ehuHey TyTy i love u soooo much, you are and Will always be my rolemodel!!! You can always make me happy if i'm sad because everytime i see pictures or a video of you i get so happy💛 my biggest dream is to meet you in the real life, not just in my dreams😄
  • ohkkaykayYou look so good here ! All the emotions in one lol #happy #sexy #excited 💋💋💋 @tyrabanks
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