Last Show of the year 2012
  • usherLast Show of the year 2012

  • nejvaAhahahah i know who prandj mora shkas nga jevgjit q njohim llajv :p lemmee seee lemee se girl i cant wait to get u homeee @estaestae
  • nejvagoot one life just live it just live it ang relaaax babyyyyy,agahajahahahaha lmfao u kur i msum dhe ne kto lol :p @estaestae
  • jailenebelloOmg♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
  • alktracemusicGrave :D
  • j.thegawdbro u dnt have a chance>€* @alex_patho111
  • sidini156I love those shoes!!!!
  • paujbygtYour shoes
  • cheyenne_padilla@howuseeit hey so I'm such a big fan of you and I just love you! I hope your team wins on The Voice I know they will do great with your help #teamusher when is your next tour! If soon you should come down to Denver! I love you so much and I'm your biggest fan! I know you may get these a lot just by people who don't "support" you! But trust me I'm not! Thanks for taking you time to read this and keep doing what you have been doing! @howuseeit #iloveyourlittleboy
  • quise.bDope
  • blingbeatMargiela
  • surfer21girlLove the red shoes
  • queenian_oI love day fact that u love red. :)
  • karichuliit will be so awesome to perform with you one day :D
  • erinthiele_Oh you and your Usher shoes (sigh)
  • renos_officialbecause of you, I'm wearing red shoes 😄👍
  • _vicctorriaaLove you usher my man only reason I watch the voice for you already know team usher your way 😘
  • flosotattedI really need to go to your concert! one day♡♡♡
  • brownskinwashereCome back to kcmo please I spent 500 on 2 tickets and didn't even get a hug,smh maybe next time!!!!
  • isemajeRespect
  • edlinebarnesLove this
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