Playoff week continues today with the 2nd practice in preparation for the Bengals. #GoTexans #WeAreTexans
  • houstontexansPlayoff week continues today with the 2nd practice in preparation for the Bengals. #GoTexans #WeAreTexans

  • apc713Give your ALL Lets Go get that W....Good Luck!!!! ❤🏈💙
  • heismannn@dre_baby94 ohhh helllll nooo lemma give you just a few elite qbs Peyton manning, Brady , Rodgers , Wilson , Luck , RG3 , Matt Ryan, Brees, Newton , Capernick and tell me where Schaub can beat any one of these
  • matth3w_97@kingxzues most of the qb's that you named are still in there 1st or 2nd year and then matt ryan just made himself known because how he has played THIS SEASON
  • matth3w_97I can only see 4 elite qb's.. But maybe in 2-3 years you can call the others "elite"
  • heismannnI know that @matth3w_97 Schaub has already had his prime about 3 seasons ago now he is on the's time to move on...if Schaub really was elite...we would have had the no.1 seed not 3 cuz of his poor play
  • matth3w_97Now that i can agree with.. I'm starting to lose my confidence for him he does good until primetime that is what i'm scare abt
  • matth3w_97But this team needs some better secondary
  • heismannn@matth3w_97 secondary can be easily fixed but a great quarterback is rare so why some good qbs on the trading block are available they should do it like Alex Smith...Young accurate and mobile
  • matth3w_97Man that would be amazing to have alex smith now with the right offence he could do some major damage
  • heismannnOmfg bro I'm just laughing because forget the ratings and yards...I'm pretty sure if you ask any TEXANS fan they would choose any one of those qbs that I just named over than Schaub @dre_baby94
  • heismannnAnd name one real elite team he's actually beaten and broncos don't count because it was too early in the season
  • joshhharding1The ravens bro, and y the hell wouldn't u count the broncos? They finished 1st in the afc, who cares if it was early in the season
  • heismannn@joshhharding1 Manning was still getting use the team
  • heismannnOk y'all @joshhharding1 @dre_baby94 ima be straight up...Schuab is NOT ELITE BUT he can still change the minds of people with a Super Bowl run which is going to very hard to do considering that this year was a "Super Bowl or bust " year
  • heismannnWowww I don't know anything bot football??😂😂😂 hilarious bro I never said Matt Schuab sucks...he's just nowhere near consistent @dre_baby94 ok if he can take us to the AFC champion ship game...I'll shut up bout shoucab
  • btaft21No one is giving us a chance in our own backyard! Texans, you just have to represent!!!!
  • amancanchangeHtown let's show'em what we made of
  • jesustorres33We can do this Houston lets get back up and dust of our shoulders from last we and play with the passion I know this team has let's show them what we got!!!!!!!!
  • dellatedbeisbsdjjdGood faith lets go TEXANS!! @jesustorres33
  • eb_xcHouston#1
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