Well are u?
  • e_manWell are u?

  • sydneylerzto be honest...no
  • crazy_jets_fanNot at all!!
  • chris.ti.naNo .. & if you are... #bandwagon
  • jeanne321Being a Jets fan for 30 yrs., been through worse than this! not gonna start being embarrassed now, don't see how you can call yourself a true fan if you do.
  • fashionablybroke_Not embarrassed. But very annoyed from last nights game/last play of the game
  • candicemcneeleyHell no! I love them regardless! This is nothing new for us , we will recover! Love my jets win or lose. Sad yes!
  • jetsyjnever
  • _sm1_2t_y_Just embarrassed to call mark sanchez a jet
  • jets_ladyNot at all
  • _mattywood_NEVER!!!! ✈
  • ohsnapjdIt hurts
  • jmg954Embarrassed? No, upset.. Yes.
  • angie_kozakNo. When I tell people, they feel sorry for me & are nicer to me because of that.
  • ellie_928No never that's my team always has always will be! I will be at met life on Sunday ready to GO! #jetlife
  • orlandojet#jetlifetillthenextlife
  • stephyb79Never ever!!! Proud as always!! Bad year. Happens to the best of them. Love the jets always have always will. Nothing will change my mind/heart. No matter how many haters hate!
  • stephyb79@jeanne321 could not agree more!! #jetnation
  • electra_tattoo_coNever. Hope the recent mistakes will trim away some if the bandwagon fans. Certainly hope Tebow and his disciples all fuck off next season.
  • jonb2182Never!
  • danielle.renieyes, especially after hearing Rex is gonna start McElroy instead of Tebow next game.
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