Admit it, you're going to backpedal now, aren't you...
  • mitchjoelAdmit it, you're going to backpedal now, aren't you...

  • joshrowe#instabackflip
  • jeffreygitomerGreed vs the reality of customer backlash. Greed loses - and loses goodwill. Dumb move on their part. Incredibly dumb.
  • djwaldowI may...
  • anzohornerOf one thing we can be certain, conversations about how to monetize this thing have been intense since FB bought it.
  • buddyscalera@mitchjoel I predict a rapid retraction.
  • markwschaeferPerfect. Made me laugh
  • stepheneliasInstagram: Because God knows all those sepia toned photos of your breakfast were so valuable.
  • lindashermanI think there actually ARE valuable photos on Instagram and there are instances where people are just helping themselves to them which is why we advocate watermarking. Certainly cuts down on the instant in instagram but there are mobile apps available that can handle it. Instagram should build one in.
  • lziskind@lindasherman Love the idea of watermarking. What apps do that?
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