My liquor store loves me
  • theradavistMy liquor store loves me

  • krisluvspitbuls@thieth
  • danbonesugh, I haven't had van winkle in six years. soooo hard to find up here.
  • theradavist@danbones It's impossible to find everywhere, my supplier has me on the list. Two bottles come in, I always buy one. Easy for him, easy for me.
  • m_demartinoExperienced the 12 year for the first time at The Black Heart on Rainey last weekend. It's magical.
  • mlprojecthow
  • danbones@johnprolly smart move for you, probz irresponsible for me ; ) I wanna come to Texas some time in the spring though, save a little bit for ol' bonesy!
  • johntlangeI've never been able to score a bottle. So jealous.
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