Jam packed MSG Training Center -- 2 practices #Knicks & Bayhawks
  • nyknicksJam packed MSG Training Center -- 2 practices #Knicks & Bayhawks

  • lucasmarnieNice!
  • javilannNo hay que subestimar a los rivales. Perdimos nuevamente con Houston Rockets.... No analizamos bien al rival, no conocían a un buen tirador de triples cono Carlos Delfino.... Entramos muy confiados. Solo hay que tener mas cuidado y respetar a todos los rivales. Es mi humilde recomendación.... Come On Knicks!!! Tenemos equipo para estar en lo mas alto. Estoy ilusionado! Sigan dando buen basketball kidd, melo, felton, pablito prigioni! !!! PASION!!!! DEFENSE! ! DEFENSE! !! LUCHAR CADA PELOTA YENDO AL PISO SI ES NECESARIO Y DE SEGURO SALIMOS CAMPEONES!!!!
  • lewisreal@good_julio how can you tell?
  • clarrrk3Who are the bay hawks?
  • _mister_hyde_3 man weave
  • youcancallon_jrome@dialo_2 where has amari played defense ? Lol and melo has bought into the system and put his me first ego aside for 25 games he's the best player on the Knicks your facts are irrelevant and baseless but your entitled to an opinion
  • vintage_smoke2Knicks got murked by Houston last night
  • vintage_smoke2@dialo_2
  • chris_viscontiI fuck with the weave drill boi
  • asap_r9@lewisreal I heard he's already practicing with the bayhawks
  • asap_r9With Amare in the starting lineup or bench knicks WILL have better offense
  • _joeyjuicebox_The weave drill into a 3 on 2 turn into. 2 on 1 awesome ass fuckin drill
  • _andrecferreiraCmon Melo we need you back.
  • devindetomassothe1stLove the weave
  • dkap1Amareeeeeee
  • br00klynkid@vingee @mike_anthonyjr to bad everyone on that team can prob actually run it right lol
  • nickdiiorio563 man weave!!!
  • mynamereedCopeland is a beast
  • mel1mfCopeland. Future all star...!
  • kkokogcopeland just needs to improve his defense and he will be a a big asset
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