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  • miyabaileyFollow @cityofink on instagram for special offers, contest, free tattoos, gifts, events, Etc.... #cityofink #COI #NewAtlanta

  • miyabailey@shuggie_stardust promoting @cityofink make sure you follow them #cityofink
  • mr_houndztoothI got u
  • miyabailey@walterdesigns yup samba or hit up @mistersoul216 or myself 404-644-1912
  • ecirpw@miyabailey ok cool thanks, I look forward to contributing my artwork to COI.
  • miyabailey@walterdesigns just text me I will be waiting
  • charmaine_nichelleI'll be there Thursday getting tatt tatt tatted up by the best!!! 😉
  • miyabailey@charmainecronin dope... Which artist will be serving you?
  • charmaine_nichelleHopefully you! Q is finishing up Ray's tatt so whoever is available. Your entire crew is on point so I'm content with whoever is available! Will we get to see you this time? Might be back in another couple of wks with Nefertiti and Joy 😊
  • miyabailey@charmainecronin lol me? You booked an appointment for me? If not check out any of my artists... They all take walk-ins
  • charmaine_nichelleNo I didn't make an appointment with you I just thought I would get VIP treatment since I'm your home girl (from asheville) coming back for the fourth time 😉...I'm sure I'll be taken care of! 😊
  • miyabailey@charmainecronin i can't cancel the appointment I already have that day (book me 2-3 months in advance) but you know @CityofInk will take good care of you.... After you leave COI drop by my private studio and show me the tattoo you got... Here is my directly number 404-644-1912... And thank you for supporting my "walk-in" tattoo team
  • so.king_mbWhats good homie I be scrolling through your page all day and I love your work, you are one of the best urban tattoo artist I have seen.. I def gotta reach out to you cause I want you to tat my sleeve, but I'm in NYC I will definitely flight out there to get it done@
  • charmaine_nichelleI totally understand that I wouldn't dare ask you to cancel another clients appt I was just giving you a hard time talking about "VIP" treatment 😉! No worries, thank you for providing me with your number and we will definitely stop by your private studio to show off our new ink! Thanx Miya, you're the BEST!! Hugs! 👍👍
  • so.king_mbWhen's a good time to call?
  • miyabailey404-525-4465 1pm-10pm
  • miyabailey@mb_squareoff thank you brother for those positive words... Hope to do business with you soon... Many blessings
  • so.king_mbImma call you right now
  • miyabailey@mb_squareoff cool the shop manager will handle everything
  • fitted_atli def need to sched some time in the chair...need you to redo part of & finish off my forearm bro @miyabailey
  • miyabailey@thezombiehitman just call @cityofink and set the appointment I got you
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