Instagram's suicide note.
  • claytoncubittInstagram's suicide note.

  • victor_larocquetodo mundo deletando seus perfis!
  • thanatologistGoodbye instagram. Hello Next-a-Gram!
  • inkpuddleTaking meaningless photos and applying a vintage 1970's filter to them for no one's amusement just became less attractive.
  • jeepwriterSocial suicide for IG - the hemorrhaging of the talent pool has already begun. Offer a premium service and I may stick around - otherwise it might be lights out.
  • danilo_marraIh fora!
  • kelliente_styleYour on Huffington Post too!!! 29 more days to go @aguiarmarcos ;-)
  • waseemsoomrothis is so facebookish..
  • bert_vanden_bergheTime to reconsider some things…
  • _____eloiseVamonos todos de golpe de instagram a ver que hacen!!
  • urge2virgU are my digital hero. FIGHT THE POWER ✊
  • kodak_karamelGoodbye!
  • danosphereSuch bullshit. It appears Instagram had to sell its soul to Facebook for all that cash. Trying to claim/use its users' photos in ads and other 3rd party content without their consent??? wtf.
  • thejacklawsWow
  • lukejdaleyFunny thing is, that they are now saying they're not selling your photos. So what are you doing when using my photo in your advertising? Merely using it in the exact same way Facebook did when they socially went "belly up". Except now, they have the trust of millions of "photographers" (lol) who are now providing them with an infinite source of advertising content. Way to pull a Facebook, IG.
  • roman_eminLucky I kept my Flickr account.
  • bvsmoochI can't believe this bs!!! Wtf thanks for the headsup! I'm gonna let my friends/family know and I'm gonna be deleting my account right quick! 👎👋😾🙀😶😨😡
  • zedzerodefinitely deleting my account. adios Instagram.
  • claytoncubittOn the tone and meaning of Instagram's current "retraction:"
  • claytoncubittUpdate: Instagram comes down from the ledge. For now.
  • remmirathionWTF?
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