I would love Instagram for Paperwhite active content!
  • chrispirilloI would love Instagram for Paperwhite active content!

  • blugatrWill you be doing a review of the Nook HD and/or the Nook HD+
  • mtthtsnIf prefer an ipad mini, you can still read books on it, plus so much more!
  • richard199911Will you do a review
  • rockalleanvThat was a great unboxing chris. Im so going to buy one
  • noelrd2036The Kindle is Awesome for those that really enjoy reading. CHRIS Everything you do is Awesome. When will that change? Ps: you will always be the best at Making Reviews and Unboxings and so much more . I like when you give your thoughts about things i really trust in you more than anyone.
  • anuar_kilThe way you speak,,,, really love it. Its differ than other boring review
  • sandeepnagraLove ur cool vid on the unboxing there soooo fun to watch
  • jimmy_galvinThose are terrible they suck at every thing IPAD IS THE WAY TO GO
  • thegeoffreyvernonI like the paper white. At least it has native instagram;) lol
  • khaledabdlrhmnI can just devour books on this one.
  • giotjanisLooks cool, sorry I couldn't watch live!
  • bonjoursashaMy mum got this for Christmas , she's going to be so happy :)
  • kmouselAll i want 4 Christmas is an iPad mini !
  • ronknightsYeah make my Christmas again. IPad mini is great
  • 671_vaporCompare it to the iPad that cracked me up. Its like comparing a watch to a fake mustache
  • joshyonceI would love a mini iPad merry Christmas
  • neil.correaLooks nice. But still not a fan of Kindle.
  • htcmm123Old Gomes with black and white image...
  • htcmm123Old times***
  • gadgetstop321Amazon knows how to make an reader.
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