My top shelf has gotten small this winter...
  • theradavistMy top shelf has gotten small this winter...

  • jasonbodleyI've been drinking Noah's mill all night! Went and took their tour last sept!
  • theradavist@jasonbodley I really like it!
  • velohangar@johnprolly True story, not too easy to get though. Hoping to grab some at CX Worlds..
  • theradavist@velohangar it's a dry county!!! Haha #irony
  • theradavistI still think Stagg is better than Winkle....
  • velohangarI grew up in the Ville. Taking a few friends to Buffalo Trace for a distillery tour plus they sell in the shop attached.
  • embryruckerJefferson County in Louisville? Dry?
  • joshuationProper.
  • theradavist@embryrucker I might be wrong but that's what I remember from when I went there in college.
  • lebewmNoah's mill!!! That's a pretty good standard
  • lebewmNext time you're in the bay, we gon whiskey it up
  • embryruckerI think you'll be fine. Never stopped us. There's 3 liquor stores (at least) within a few miles of Eva Bandman. Now I'm getting nostalgic.
  • brentbentonLouisville is thoroughly wet--bars open till 4AM…though i haven't seen the inside of one at 4 AM in many moons.
  • theradavist@brentbenton @embryrucker a lot of distilleries are in dry counties, didn't say Louisville was dry... ;-)
  • embryruckerAhh, yeah the PVW distillery. That makes more sense.
  • varg_grav@johnprolly those are some great bourbons.
  • fullrinsePost more about bourbons dude! Im getting into them, having some experience in scotch, and appreciate whatever info I can pick up.
  • brentbentonAh, that makes sense #truestory
  • brentbentonMy parents' county just voted itself "moist" ……<snicker>
  • nouhlunch👍
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