40 million dollar home..... 150 million dollars in art !!! Some people sure do know how to live their lives........ #Winning
  • losangelesconfidential40 million dollar home..... 150 million dollars in art !!! Some people sure do know how to live their lives........ #Winning

  • hookboy@guapoaznonegrazo do some fuckin good. You think this is the way to sure know how to live? Spending millions on bullshit. There's 870 million people going to sleep hungry every night, do some fucking good you fucking clown. Poverty is too wrong to ignore.
  • brodie.normanDam straight! @hookboy his lifes a game! Time to turn that shit off
  • sir_prometheus@hookboy @brodie_norman @juscarmell . Firstly if you could compute english you'd realise that he's in someone else's house. Secondly... Hi Haters.
  • hookboy@lord_prometheus never said it HIS house, but he wrote its the way to live life. Just questioning reality. If he thinks that spending 100 millions on art is THE WAY, he should be spending 101 millions on charity. ignorance is the key to poverty.
  • sir_prometheus@hookboy you gain my total respect because your response was actually structured unlike the mass stupidity I see on here everyday. Can I ask though, what percentage of your income do you give to charity in comparison to how much you spend on luxuries? Btw art is usually bought as investment (not pleasure) and one great way to secure yourself, as it hardly depreciates in value.
  • hookboy@lord_prometheus on Christmas Eve you can see my latest work, a music video for Lutan Fyah and Ken Ring to their song called Poverty on YouTube. It was shot in the ghetto in Kenya and I did it for free, spending the entire budget on the kids in it. Traveled with my son and gave all his old clothes to a village we visited. Also, I'm giving all me last season basketball gear I get for free to the kids. Be sure to hit the video next week! Poverty, Ken Ring ft Lutan Fyah. Great song, decent video ;)
  • ahleek_shabazzDamn. Y'all people are stupid. Stfu.
  • sir_prometheus@hookboy I would 'like' your comment if I could. Kudos to you! Great stuff.
  • buckztheworldWe worry about the wrong things At times.. get money and do what makes you happy...suwooooo
  • habella1Thts hella funni loool. Big things! Your enjoying yourself well. Everyone should take time to do Wht your doing. Great experience! All around motivation too
  • 2ndchildhood80su ppl extra AF lol
  • amintownHubal
  • guerog14I like the faith u showed in my team tho!! Roll wit em in the playoffs...the REAL season!!
  • cocola_ria#filthyrich must be so cool to experience the finer things in life!
  • t.hysYou don't have 150 million to spend on that lol you're a rapper man no artist ever becomes a billionaire you need atleast a billion to be spending money on shit like that
  • maino61He's not talking about himself you retard
  • misskb_honeyLmao @thegame
  • ladyroyaltEverything comes at a cost..be a celeb if you want you will find out.
  • dogfart11@thysjacob jay z can afford this lol
  • hookboy@lord_prometheus now the video is out, look it up on YouTube. Ken Ring feat Lutan Fyah - Poverty
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