Robert Kraft & Randy Moss shake hands in a rainy @GilletteStadium
  • patriotsRobert Kraft & Randy Moss shake hands in a rainy @GilletteStadium

  • 1ace__Alright u worry about that record....while I enjoy how he helped my team and himself get a superbowl....remember that year the perfect season Hahahha!!
  • 1ace__@cwayne88
  • cwayne88Lol what are you talking about I'm just stating a might want to worry about Seattle before you talk about SuperBowls... I'm not worried getting to Super Bowls is what the winning is the hard part
  • 1ace__@cwayne88 ok dude I'm not talking about the pats I'm talking about moss...jerry rice said it himself he only played to win superbowls he said he would trade all his records for more....think about wtf is moss doing back in the league at age 38 he can give a fuck about some record the freak wants a ring and we are gonna give it to him
  • cwayne88I know what your saying and I'm saying most 9er fans think all the sudden SB's are given. It's not easy thought yall would have learned that last year. Its any given Sunday.. you can beat the Pats one week and lose to the Rams the next.... Everybody knows why Moss came back he came so close but didn't get it so of course he wants that ring.
  • d.buccheriIs he 6.5?
  • hpeagle12Reely funny
  • rollin_rawsYour suppose to be a man ? Haha
  • blakebenoit34Boooooooooo 49ers
  • taurussykes757Moss!!
  • emmitaicMoss!! You will always be a patriot!!
  • oldenuff2burmomMOSS......miss ya Randy.....
  • seth_horsleyARMS ARE SO BIG
  • brodymarkolGreat pic, missing randy!!
  • snap_swish_11Was on mn we miss him
  • staysouth___Fucc that Nigga moss he cost us the ship dropping the passes he use to be my main manz for the pats
  • ohsickasseddieI wish randy moss was in the patriots
  • wv22593Lol still no ring for Randy xD should've stayed with the best
  • kinglewie510@wv22593 lmao he wouldnt have gotten that close to a ring with yall! Besides hes just in the way now. He doesent really do anything
  • _ryan_miller_Pats lost that game 😕
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