I'm sorry you large marine crustaceans. Lobster Mac n cheese is just too good to spare your life.
  • celluloidheroesI'm sorry you large marine crustaceans. Lobster Mac n cheese is just too good to spare your life.

  • 1862inactive9174I love you Spencer!! Thank you so much for getting help. That took guts. You're my biggest inspiration. Thanks again <3
  • so.gr0ssI'm so happy you're recovering and you're extremely brave to be telling your fans about that. Heck I can't even tell my parents about my depression. But your story really inspired me and I'm happy you got help :) love you spencer 😛
  • bralloweenim so proud of you. look I really know what it's like for someone with an alcohol addiction, and that's already bad. to know that you went through worse…it kills me. please stay strong. im so proud of you for getting the help you needed and it took a lot of guts to tell us about this. we love you and well be with you through everything. ❤
  • bralloween@6amy ohay
  • 6amy@bralloween hay lol
  • that_kid_riverI love you and I'm so glad your recovering it always makes me happy to hear about people recovering from addiction because my dad was a drug addict so I know that it's so hard to recover! I'm so proud of you and so happy for you!
  • caffeinecoldtothetouchI read your message... I'm crying and shaking. That took a lot of courage. You are an inspiration to so many people including me. You've changed my life and made it so much better. I'm so happy you're feeling better! I truly love you so much ❤
  • fallout_atthe_discoWe missed you so much! Everyone is so glad you're doing better!
  • _yovanazI LOVE YOU SPENCER !! YOU'RE MY HERO ❤❤❤❤
  • 420afiThat was so brave, Spencer. It takes so much courage to get help and embrace what happened. Thank you so much for being an amazing drummer and an even better person. I love you ❤ we'd all support you no matter what
  • tnnischick826Spencer!!!! Omg I love you and your band so much and I'm so proud of you all and I'm especially proud of you for sharing with us what was going on and for getting help! I honestly would have had no idea! but we all love you so much and wish you the best and a safe and healthy recovery!! You are such an inspiration to us all and we just all love you so much for that! Hope things are going and go well for you and your band! Sending you so much love and support!! ❤❤
  • nia_echelonPlease do a concert in cardiff
  • sierra.laicoI am so proud of u!!! I love your band so much I can't explain!!!!!♥
  • lerabessonnayaОбожаю.)
  • addymackvmerEw
  • patd._.sydEverybody is commenting about how they love his band and I'm over here like..... um.......
  • cxurtney.wxbbright like.... Sorry bout that😂 @sydney._.rene
  • patd._.syd@cxurtney.wxbb yay. I have been waiting for someone to respond to me. Yayaya
  • cxurtney.wxbb😂😂 @sydney._.rene
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