Thanks for the memories R.A. - You were the only reason to watch come the second half of last season. Good Luck! #mets #radickey  #bluejays
  • metshotcornerThanks for the memories R.A. - You were the only reason to watch come the second half of last season. Good Luck! #mets #radickey #bluejays

  • mcastagnaro30@lou_iz_grimey well yeah that was this year but even years before that when they had money they didnt do anything, only smart thing was signing wright
  • lou_iz_grimey@mcastagnaro55 during the minaya days they did, bay, Santana, Beltran, and that got us nowhere, Sandy was hired to do just what's happening, rebuild us into contenders. We will be strong soon.
  • mcastagnaro30@lou_iz_grimey well bay that was a great pick up hahaha but the beltran pick up was one of the smartest moves they made in awhile, but i totally agree with the rebuilding its just we live in NY we dont expect our teams to ever go through rebuilding
  • breckingbadThere goes our only chance of winning
  • zarynaaa_😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • ericmonacelliBoo.
  • joty_s23look at it this way, in two years whej the mets are competitive again, and RA is still a good pitchr, he can sign with the mets
  • chuckbluzNo reason to go Citi Field next year except to remove my fan walk brick.
  • rock_sezGreat trade for Mets with RA they still would have finished 4th in division... Let him go help Reyes kick Yanks ass lol
  • anthony_plateThis move helps the team. We have pitching depth, in theory we don't need dickey. We now have a catcher who could be the best catcher we've had since piazza(and way better defensively) Syndergaard is a elite pitching prospect whose gonna develop into a frontline starter- mark my words those two players will accumulate a much higher WAR than dickey will over the next 3-4 seasons. Not to mention were saving ourselves the 13 million or so we'd have to spend on dickey and that money can go to the outfield and bullpen. Cheap Free agents like Nyger Morgan in the outfield and Rafael Perez/Matt Lindstrom in the pen- this team would be on a competing level and a super competing level in 2014. It sucks to loose him but don't be ignorant mets fans
  • mattszat13@anthony_plate thank you for typing all that out so I didn't have too. This was a great baseball move for the Mets. However, I will miss the hell out of him.
  • jamesy_78Well said @anthony_plate
  • anthony_plate@mattszat913 Someone had to. I'm gonna miss the guy too but I'm looking forward to seeing these players in action. LMG
  • emelende17I'm glad the mets traded RA
  • april_beisser@metshotcorner he hasn't been traded yet!!! it's not official
  • metshotcorner@april_beisser Formalities are left, but I'm pretty sure it's a done deal.
  • april_beisser@metshotcorner I'm gonna cry if he leaves. he was so great! =\
  • jerry_jay1220Fkn mets r out of their mind. Im just speechless right now.
  • rollingeorgeWhat happened to this team... A guy like R.A only comes around once and while I understand the business it hurts a lot right now.....BETTER NOT GET BOOS like Reyes!!
  • cohn.andrewIf they trade david wright when his extension is done with a team like now there just done
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