Today's special @HandsomeRoaster: grilled ridicchio x spicy honey water x pistachios x prosciutto di San Daniele x skinny egg x Manchego
  • eggslutToday's special @HandsomeRoaster: grilled ridicchio x spicy honey water x pistachios x prosciutto di San Daniele x skinny egg x Manchego

  • hannahstarr@justinreade oh dude! I would've gone yesterday!! but I woke up at noon. I'm fucking determined!!! but also lazy...
  • justinreade@hannahstarr hahaha! Love it! I am fucking determinedly lazy myself! Def try this glorious sluttery, and report back sometime! ;)
  • hannahstarr@justinreade hahaha glorious sluttery, nice vocab! I will! @kittehhfrowwup and I will get different stuff so we can try more stuff at once. I have failed two weekends in a row now!
  • justinreade@hannahstarr haha, yeah, i went today and passed out afterwards - it was so good! :) fuck, i am hungry now. ;)
  • hannahstarr@justinreade food coma!!!! is the menu expensive? what's the thing with the egg in the glass? have you had it?
  • justinreadeI have Stella Artois coma too rite now. Ya, the glass thingie is called "Thee Slut," and it is crazy good, too. I don't wanna do an injustice and describe it inartfully, tho. But, it is just freaking great, and the prices are totally reasonable for what you are eating. :) WhatasalesmanIam, haha! I just love eggs and sluts,... errrr uhm, I mean, I love Eggsluts! :)
  • justinreade@hannahstarr ^^
  • hannahstarr@justinreade hahahahahaha oh that was just great! thee slut!!! seriously! free eggsluts for life!!! or one or the other...?
  • justinreade@hannahstarr at this juncture, I think I am pretty much a full blown slut. A lawyerly slut who likes them eggz. Ha! I need more Stella, n.o.w. :)
  • kittehhfrowwupHahahahahaha you guys are hilarious!!!! @justinreade @hannahstarr ^_^ I can't wait to try it! Please tell Hannah to stop being lazy next weekend so we can finally try this shizzzzzz
  • justinreade@kittehhfrowwup @hannahstarr when u go, IG a pic or two fo' me! And yah, Hannah, stop bein' lazy, yer pissin off Sandy now! :)
  • kittehhfrowwup@justinreade maybe even 3 pictures if we are feeling dangerous! Lol oh thank the heavens! Maybe you'll get through to her haha ^_^ thanks Justin!!!!!
  • justinreade@kittehhfrowwup at your service, Missy!! :) :)
  • hannahstarr@justinreade @kittehhfrowwup WE'RE GONNA DO IT! okay people?! we'll go! and take pictures! and eat delicious questionable breakfast foods! and be like, dang where would we be without Justin?! probably ihop..... probably ihop......
  • kittehhfrowwup@justinreade PROLLLLLLLY
  • kittehhfrowwup@hannahstarr
  • hannahstarr@kittehhfrowwup idk about prosciutto.....
  • justinreade@kittehhfrowwup @hannahstarr no proscuitto? That is blasphemy to an italian (me), but of course, I forgive you. (Prolly).
  • hannahstarr@justinreade I've never had it! I'm saying idk about it. like I've seen Giada cook it. but that's about it. I have failed the foodie community!!
  • kittehhfrowwup@justinreade If you are legit Italian will you make me some strufula !!! Omnomnom!!!! 😍
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