So sad!  God bless her and her family!!!
  • shecksSo sad! God bless her and her family!!!

  • dirtylens0oh and how can one of the little girls who "died" be at the whitehouse taking pictures with obama with the picture time stamped two days AFTER the "shooting"? hmmmm. @olivia_megan_h
  • olivia.megan@kaleyincolor Just because one girl who you say supposedly died did that, does not mean the whole shooting was fake. It is a complete fact that the shooting was real. Maybe the little girl was mistaken for one who died. Idk, where did you get that information from. Becuase it is definitely wrong somehow.
  • dirtylens0it is not a complete fact & you're an idiot. @olivia_megan_h
  • olivia.meganI also never said the government was my friend. I also wouldn't want to be someone who goes around saying something was fake when there are many witnesses. There may be proof about how someone could think it's fake, but there is also proof on how it isn't fake. Victoria's own mom made a Facebook page in rememberance of her. Why would someone's own mom lie about their daughter dying in a shooting? Quite unlikely. I'm not trying to start anything, but I'm pretty positive the shooting at Sandy Hook was not a "hoax". I'm sure if your child died in that, you wouldn't want people going around assuming that its fake.
  • olivia.meganAnd how do you know that the page was made 3 days before? Just wondering?
  • olivia.meganI'm also not a "gullible a** kid". If you believe I'm the gullible one, so are a bunch of other people. Js
  • olivia.megan@kaleyincolor I'm not an idiot. Pretty smart, actually. ☺
  • dirtylens0do your research and then we'll talk. @olivia_megan_h
  • olivia.meganI've already done the research. Btw, were already talking.
  • olivia.megan@kaleyincolor
  • olivia.meganThose are only conspiracies, theories, and thoughts. Nobody would make something like this up.
  • janahhxShe's a real hero! You can give a shit of superman, spiderman, batman..
  • dirtylens0oh shut up! @instagalore26
  • sidney.romeroYou're such a sweetie! God bless her
  • dabberellaaYour just one dumb bitch arent you? @kaleyincolor
  • jack.pennerDumbass!!! @kaleyincolor the shooting is definetly real. And yes. U r right @olivia_megan_h
  • olivia.megan@jack_penner Yeah. Idk the shooting was real. Maybe somebody said they had the wrong gun or something. There are haters everywhere. What can you do? But thankyou and @helloimvictoria69 lol
  • olivia.meganI meant "idk. And the shooting was totally real."
  • angelfox99Yes it was!
  • lukelay_I like meatballs with turtles
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