In CT, speaking with Sandy Hook third graders
  • katiecouricIn CT, speaking with Sandy Hook third graders

  • gempro🙏
  • bahaistenPlease leave the children alone. They need to go home and be w their parents.
  • hannah_g_bThis is my hometown and I would give anything to be there right alongside those kids. I still can't fathom the enormity of this tragedy.
  • starmama08Shame on you. Don't you think they've been through enough today? More important to get the story, I suppose.
  • laurenfelmetsmalleyIf you want your story fine. Yall have the details. Kids were killed by a sob. Now let these families have there time..
  • tiffp2All the rude comments don't help. I'm sure those who want to talk about it will..and that can be therapeutic. 💜
  • cebm123It's a fine line to walk. Remembering how Katie handled Columbine makes me think she understands and respects the privacy for families. Parents have to agree to letting their children go on camera. I'm a reporter for a small town newspaper, and a mother as well .I understand the need for privacy, yet there is a story to tell. I think Katie will do the right thing. She's a mom too.
  • mamabouch🙏
  • mrsexquisite21Please stop with the rude comments I totally agree with @tiffp2
  • salina__gI agree with @tiffp2. @katiecouric is compassionate and is set apart from other reporters because of her genuine heart. People have a choice whether or not they want to share
  • mcatrpvSadness overwhelms me- I am not a mother but I weep for those who lost their precious babies! They sent them off to school today and its still remains unsafe- #people #bad #guns
  • derekebKatie is no stranger to grief and heartbreak. I have no doubt she will be respectful and tread lightly during these difficult and tender days.
  • elizonthegoAs a mother my heart aches.
  • 50blessedfabulousKatie I know you have to report but talking to the children Really ??!! That's just wrong and insensitive in so many levels if the shoe was on the other foot would you like your children being interviewed after seeing their friends teachers killed?
  • char_nolan@mm9657 I understand how you feel, but at heart, Katie is a mom. She was at Columbine with families. She is a pro. But, I do see your point.
  • michellerpowellAs a mom, and a follower of Katie for many years, Katie is not just a reporter- she is a mom, she has a huge heart. I don't feel she is doing anything wrong talking with kids that want to talk. Isn't that what we want our kids to do-talk and let their feelings and thoughts out?If the kids aren't ready- they wont talk. I just don't believe it's insensitive of Katie to do her job and talk with those that want to talk. Lets give Katie some credit!
  • msthompson88Katie, I grew up looking up to you. I followed your career for some time and I have always loved you for your deliverance and for your morals. I must say I am extremely disappointed in you today. I was shocked to see you interviewing and talking with the children to are victim to a senseless act. These are children that can not even conceive what was happened to them and the media is in their face. Today, I am extremely disappointed in you. I expect it out of other journalists, but not you. I hope that you go on to do some good for the families of these children. That is my only hope.
  • msthompson88*has
  • music50That's going too far trying too talk with the surving kids before even getting individual therapy an family therapy. She is so unreal anything for a Story. Ye 56 now Katie still hot looking why just u go away an deal with yr teenager an have fun fir the rest of yr life. It's just that stories like this which is so sensitive why Katie Why. Forcus on the killer at hand an try an get his background an leave the kids alone they are traumatized at the moment they need heavy an a good therapist an phycoligist an u know only one they need to talk to is their parents with professional help. Stop crossing that line. Shame on u.
  • lyrics_describe_lifeStop hating on her. The kids probably needed someone to talk to about what happen and explain it better then there parents did. And they asked the parents if it was ok so it's not like she was doing it with out asking! Have so common sense and think it through before posting mean comments!
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