Adrees Latif's photo says it all. Can't tweet today.Pray!
  • pastorrickwarrenAdrees Latif's photo says it all. Can't tweet today.Pray!

  • jby8In our prayers
  • txangurlI can't believe it all their heartache GOD BLESS them 😪😪😪😪💔💔💔💔💔
  • jraggi04😥😥😥😥God bring comfort to them. In our prayers.
  • yuna_genaLets us pray...
  • ellimackc@vamps_e oh thanks for telling me. i know everything happens for a reason. God is moving.
  • msbrenda420Yes he is bible say no man no the time or hour we betta get right wit king jesus
  • 91_nad:/
  • mariamaylynmy heart is crushed with this hearts and prayera for the victims and their families :(
  • ij_podSad sad news, our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims. Such a tragic event.
  • feel_philPraying for US
  • ellimackcI know now the whole thing that had happened. im just hoping that affected families will stay stronger no matter what. i know this is extremely hard but God wont let things happened without any reason.
  • limicancer:(
  • shirley_rustThats just not right. So many families having unnecessary heartache at this festive time.
  • blasscykMade me cry
  • minc11No words to describe the pain in this picture! Please God be with this family and ALL the families impacted by this horrific act of violence against these children.
  • lyssa_0213My prayers are with you all
  • se7enrainbow🙏
  • stefany_oliLamentável Jesus seja a Cura...
  • dieechaMy prayers for all the families. May The Holy Spirit help them more than usual
  • herbamomof3A picture is worth a million words, and this is no exception. The look in this man's face, he's looks like he's saying God why? And that's ok to ask
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