• cheeserlandTBSなう!チージー1.5秒以上出た♡笑

  • m2y6_xoxo見てました😍かわいすぎました💓💓💓
  • mihoshappylifeOhh, i have seen him in many japanese TV - hope you are going to blog about it with a Video :)
  • jemsbear今チージーちゃん見てます✨かーわーいー❤
  • walker21@cheeserland すごいねー!!👍
  • knwlwill someone upload this to youtube when it airs? I wanna see it too! :)
  • daphnefroggyYour deepavali's hair!!!💚💜Just open the Tv and finished jor.....😔
  • cj3029412チージー出てた! と思ってここ見たらあったーw
  • _wysteria@drescat How about "Are you sure all her readers can read English?" She has Japanese readers and followers to appeal to as well.
  • monstrumお、見たよ\(^o^)/
  • imrsm_サンマさんだ!!😱
  • michael_japon何の番組ですか? (What show is this?) im going to look it up and if i find it i will post the link here.
  • apbqn@callistarin haha I hasn't think that way 👍
  • apbqn@summerwatewoods_ thanks) ahh anyway I'll wait when she blog about it with all the details and a lot of pictures 😊
  • sattobeats❺💍💎👰
  • ivoryivWah suria KLCC >.<
  • 29ayano29見たかったよー😱😱😱
  • helohelo見たよ😊
  • whatsupcourtney@drescat -- most of her readers are Asian (Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian, Singaporean, etc) she's being kind by ever writing in English!
  • kokomonpuffsサンマさんだ!😳 wow!
  • okinawa.photo.cafeちーじー♪
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