Our Young Hollywood star @sarahksilverman gets intimate with one of her colleagues. #VFBackstage
  • vanityfairOur Young Hollywood star @sarahksilverman gets intimate with one of her colleagues. #VFBackstage

  • rubyredoakPretty tacky. It's 2012, chimps aren't props.
  • sydneykazakoffOh my gosh
  • maikka_I agree it's 2012, they have studied the great apes enough now to know this cruel. Chimps need to be in the wild. Please reconsider encouraging this trade on wildlife. May look innocent & cute, just not for the monkey.
  • melcarrero_Not fashion. Poor 🐒. Yes they can hurt humans @sinpourmoi2 but wouldn't you be a little scared and frustrated in that situation? @lipsliikcinderella probably but that doesn't mean this is right.
  • melcarrero_@lipsliikcinderella that's true- but I'd hope they'd mention this in the post. We all know that no one wants this lil guy/gal to suffer. Xx
  • joydubs"Young" Hollywood? She's 42... And wild animals do not belong in entertainment. Once they get too big to handle they are usually dumped at circuses or animal testing facilities. Not cool VF!
  • jen_r21_Not a fan of the diaper or the chain around the neck. Not cool at all.
  • hussainjassimHehehe cutee
  • ceeohhkaySo not cool to do that to an animal. Expected more out of vanity fair.
  • ssmillaSorry VF but that pitcure is orrible! Absolutely not cool!
  • danerz615This pic is so sad. Chain around the neck is disheartening. I thought Hollywood was beyond treating animals like this. Look at the monkeys face and body language. That is a very sad animal.
  • luckyrabbitfootEven if it is a rescue animal, it doesn't belong on a set.
  • avocaswim@mousemoney A dog is a domestic pet. Chimps are not.
  • debenedettimarcoThis is a horrible pic. Chain around neck!!! Shame on you
  • lucinda_beamanThis is really sad. I won't buy @vanityfair again
  • lisaww007Lol
  • _haileejean_That chimpanzee should have, at least, a body collar...not focused around the neck. It's threatening to them, thus, they "act out." Care, Vanity Fair. This photo would be better if she had the chain collar around her neck and the monkey kissing her hand.
  • ash_kasper@haileehaejinwright @luci_bea @debenedettimarco @peonybliss @danerz615 I'm with you guys! Ugh tisk tisk VF. I thought so much more of you...
  • ezgiesmakurklu@bleachedcocoon :)
  • thelandlady@amina.blue what do you think
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