On the way to the Garden. My favorite place to play. Bummed I'm gonna miss this one.
  • stephennashOn the way to the Garden. My favorite place to play. Bummed I'm gonna miss this one.

  • tylerrosensteinGo Knicks but your still awesome @stephennash
  • insurestaurants@stephennash when does Phil Jackson take his throne back?
  • good_kid_radd_city@stephennash Kobe hurt his back carrying the load.
  • asemhabibi@sadiehash
  • diaz_fam_12Im a Lakers fan but I have to say this shit is over. D12 is a curse I say we release his ass and get Bynum back.
  • danziilrve@jd_sa_12 sorry, bynum's out nursing/partying with an injured knee.
  • zd_118Phil back and u back soon
  • fitcutieutiY'all are gonna mess around and win it all... I'm not giving up on my Lakers... Let's go!!!!
  • mikes0411Get well soon steve the lakers need u...
  • seanmourCan't wait to see you back on the court
  • mark__emark@stephennash dear steve nash, i hope that injury will be fully healed, the pg position awaits you, it's gonna take some time to get this system working but i feel more relieve when you come back.the team is aged and slow but the basketball intelligence is there, the talent is there, the pieces are there; it just needs to be brought out.Can't wait till your return.✊✊ sincerely,this laker fan from toronto.
  • the.shadow.galleryu and Amare…u are my whole memory about NBA in 2004
  • montrealjokerSteve get healthy and come back soon. We need you to steer this ship. No one knows better how to distribute the ball in a way that will prevent having to defend the fastbreak all the time.
  • vivihoodevery lakers are waiting for you。let us go🙏💪
  • steverizzo2Welcome back !!
  • kmessber😊 Merry Christmas! Beat the Knicks...
  • ms_klWelcome back Steve! It was a great game yesterday!
  • kmashriqi8I was right there! Didnt get to see u lol maybe next year
  • youngsushi_Flag swag!
  • youngsushi_Flag swag!
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