Ahh. New York. How I love thee.
  • damianmcgintyAhh. New York. How I love thee.

  • amyfondersmith@damianmcginty
  • shay_regoI was just there 5 days ago. It was so magical (:
  • evielynkxChristmas in New York is MAGICAL!
  • rxhannaR u still in ny
  • kk_wakeI just left there!!
  • tamarlieblichahh I just saw you today and hugged youu! marry me? 😘
  • arielleborgersaw u today!!!
  • luanloopesIncrivel. Muito lindo *-*
  • irlandreamswooow hoo this is new york? is beautiful
  • e_dziulkoI saw you
  • mrm9000Nice
  • mirumetteSo nice 😍
  • dcvaughanthat reminds me of ELF.. great movie
  • hotcelebguys_NY loves you back :) - a New Yorker 😘
  • kirstenmelitonI LOVE NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • e_dziulkoI was there when you were there!
  • feleazarsurprised you're on glee!!! ❤❤
  • marissapercythat looks exactly like Chicago... o.o
  • jwills_16That is extroadinary
  • katie_vandermarkDamian, I I know you probably hear this a lot...and I mean a lot! But you are absolutely a huge inspiration to me and will forever be so. Last year our musical director was very sick, and a majority of our cast went to visit him. In the hospital a group of my friends started sing a beautiful song of which I had never heard. I recorded it in the hospital while everyone was singing and crying I recorded your the song and went home and looked up the lyrics...to which I found the song A Bird Without Wings, sung by this precious little boy. With more research I found more of your music and absolutely fell in love with your voice and the feelings you really put into your music. My passion is singing and you Damian are a true inspiration, not only to myself, but many of my friends at school. I know you probably won't see this. But I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and let you know you have touched so many life's with your music. Thank you Damian mcginty:)
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