Chief all smiles at Quincy Market for @fox25news #RedKettle Takeover. #Bruins #FaneuilHall
  • nhlbruinsChief all smiles at Quincy Market for @fox25news #RedKettle Takeover. #Bruins #FaneuilHall

  • briguy_dagod_35First comment
  • franchescaileanaQuincy market💜
  • 0h_danny_boymaybe support a charity that doesnt hate gay people?
  • kelmgzThank you @0h_danny_boy !!! I hate walking past all those bell ringers, but I can't support them!
  • mckenna_dievert@josie_urbro
  • timelysarcasmF the Salvation Army, they discriminate against gay people. They'll never get a dime from me.
  • lynnblake1108I'll never support the Salvation Army! They give so much money to vehemently anti-gay groups!
  • ejohnson859The Salvation Army is a homophobic organization. Donate your money and time to an organization to help people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation etc.
  • 519dAnd they do so much good as well
  • tylerfindsnorthThe Salvation Army does not discriminate against anyone. Ever. Please do your research before smearing an incredible organization that has helped millions.
  • scrodclambioThe Salvation Army is homophobic. They discriminate against homosexuality. Sean Avery would not be pleased.
  • gouthro55Charity is charity. Homosexual's are homosexual's. I don't support either. Get over it.
  • josie_michHahaha Alex @9mckenna
  • sbenn79The only thing Sean Avery likes is Sean Avery.
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