New Gen 5 engines
  • streettrucksNew Gen 5 engines

  • static06No more 4.8?
  • burlrainesAwesome 4.8 was junk good decision to scrap that piece
  • farm_fuelMy 4.8 killed my buddy's 5.3 and way better mileage to
  • highestoutputMaybe try the 6.2 to the left n go up in displacement from there!!!!
  • dupre24The 4.8 is a damn good motor the 4.8 and 5.3 can both take alot of abuse do some research youll see @burlraines
  • burlrainesSrry to offend you @dupre24 but I worked at gm dealerships for 5 years reliable 4.8 yes power no big ol turd
  • dupre24The 4.8 can Handel a 300 shot of juice not man motors can just saying @burlraines
  • sergio_alvarado_4.8 engines are the shit. Dont kniw where you even git the idea that theyre junk.
  • sergio_alvarado_Just saw a 2001 4.8 smoke a 2010 5.3 last night @burlraines
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