Your AP collection looks like this and you don't subscribe? You may want to look into it... #justsaying
  • altpressYour AP collection looks like this and you don't subscribe? You may want to look into it... #justsaying

  • analesaaMy ap collection looks nothing like this and I DO HAVE A SUBSCRIPTION they never get to me.. Ever 😒
  • livndeadgurlI always get my aps so that's weird that some people don't.
  • clockworksunriseI have all the issues since then end of 07, it's quite a collection
  • altpressIf you're having an issue with your subscription, hit us up at marketing @ altpress . com with your problem and we'll help you out! OH! And to those out of the country, you CAN get a subscription to AP still! We deliver internationally!
  • what_did_polly_say@analesaa when did you subscribe because it usually takes six months after you subscribe for your first issue to come :)
  • val4rm0rghulis@altpress I have a 2 year subscription and I'm moving in a few weeks how do I get it switched to y new address?
  • n.icolle_I see a Breathe Carolina Ap magazine
  • shelby.phoenixI just did last night :):)
  • shelby.phoenix@brooklynpaige it's on the website
  • a_sianezWant that one(adtr), want that one(green day), want that one(owl city), NEED That one!(sws) ^.^
  • analesaa@mmady92 I've had it for 3 and a half years.... 😳 The last one I got, Alex from ATL was on the cover.
  • satoshatoMine doesn't look like that.. It's torn up and taped all over my walls
  • vanx_xI spy, JACK :D
  • c0smonautsMine hasn't come, and I got the subscription on Black Friday D;
  • kelseyannx9My collection is way bigger than that. They've got a lot of pages missing though, because they're hanging up on my walls.
  • hayleyxvanityI subscribed nd don't get them to my house /:
  • _sleepingwithjesseI subscribed about three months ago and have yet to get a single magazine. I emailed the people I thought I should twice and didnt even get a response :(
  • cosmicdroolSeems so fuckin legit.
  • bralloweenYou had an owl city one? Aww i want that issue
  • grunge.momm@altpress I ordered when I got the falling in reverse issue and I haven't gotten any, I've had to go to Hot Topic to get them all
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