• badgalriri#DN

  • jes_2011@moha_x Will help you out http://www.answering-islam.org/
  • jes_2011@moha_x that's why I said you should open the website and read everything there is on every page especially find the page "test a prophet" they compare everything between how jesus and Muhammad teaching and what that it said in bible and Quran. I hope you will find who God trully is and before you read it please do me a fever pray first and ask for a wisdom and knowledge to God may He speak to you to this page
  • jes_2011Through*
  • jes_2011@moha_x BLESS YOU I hope you really make the right decision to not find the truth behind what you believe
  • stargazin_gurlAmen!!
  • gemcoconutsugarLove
  • gemcoconutsugar#amen !!
  • 901r0yalty@moha_x u def shuldnt be a voice for Islam u shuld be a voice for those who want to do good and love da god above not down those who are misguided and taught falsely all written documents in dis world is tempered or mistaught but the ultimate is loving the ultimate higher being who put us here and accepting there's a right or wrong way I'm life
  • 901r0yaltyIn*
  • 901r0yaltyMay da lord be with all of us ... Confused misguided or in belief in a certain religion yes all religions treat right or wrong most people go by religion in family or country and know no better to which is da truth .. Accept the fact there's one god and good vs evil as long as there is an understanding in a god above and ways of good and evil then god will be over u so dnt tell anybody wat is right to believe god is happy if there is a belief period .. No I dnt knw history of it all and no I cnt ultimately say there isn't a right religion but I hope where yal see I'm coming from
  • 901r0yalty@badgalriri yes ure a hypocrite to gods word but plz find da right path in life ure young talented and beautiful but plz dnt try to influence the world with holy quotes but yet ure da ultimate opposite at least ur spreading god word jus dnt ask for support if ure continuing on ure mainstream path tryna stay rich u culda been wealthy on ur own
  • lililililippOh rih thank god you know the wisdom of god♥ those words can make us aliveeee
  • pleasedeletethisaccountimboredSeriously Rihanna? A lot of us know that your the "illuminati princess" if you want to live a good life in heaven, stop following satan! Sorry, but I used to look up to you and you're probably not going to read this, but you need to stop influencing the whole world to "hail satan" as it says in one of your songs. Please don't waste your talent on satan. He'll just throw you out like garbage when he's done. #illuminatineedstostop
  • zeliamilanMiss these.
  • hugodoesitLMFAOOO ion get how YALL are tellin Her that Shes "illuminati" ... Yall sound confused to me lol smh yall swear yall know everything (& Christians on here tellin her shes goin to hell b/c her tatts & this & that... Could've sworn she can REPENT & can be saved] some of yall Christians on here needa gon ahead & repent too b/c yall "Goin to Hell" for judging her too lol smh
  • the_real_minnieYep
  • nanabee_xI miss those posts rih
  • chidy_chidyAmen!
  • chunk_drippin@pleasedeletethisaccountimbored & @mareeclaire_nsmdw I know right
  • ugoeluemunorAmen
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