Taping the #VoiceAftershow with the #VoiceFinal3 & some familiar faces! #TheVoice
  • nbcthevoiceTaping the #VoiceAftershow with the #VoiceFinal3 & some familiar faces! #TheVoice

  • thyrasgammaNo worries..no matter who wins they are all winners cuz they will still go far..the coaches believe in them n they will make aure they go as far as possible..the exposure aline is a wonderful prize..the final 3 realuze that as do the ones who r gone so lets stop complaining people..just enjoy the show n how awesime it is to be able to watch such a wondeful show n the oportynities it gives to those who worked hard and deserve every bit of goodness that evolves from this wonderful experience!! Si suck of the negative attitudes..what? Is EVERYONE stuck in junior high? Smh
  • official_ajcCassadee is going to win.
  • vickiana_219Cassadee should have gone home. Trevin and Nicholas should have been the finalists. Nicholas then winning it all
  • vickiana_219Like Terry too btw
  • em.brysonTrevin was the best!!!! He should have been a finalist!!
  • princesselzieNo longer watching this show ! Trevin Hunte shouldve won it all . .
  • talithapiper@shellmill68 yes!!!
  • evalena_ritaHaha ya:) @bbuburocks
  • shellmill68@thyrasgamma learn to spell r u in junior high?
  • thyrasgammaIts calle shorthand and TYPOS from autocorrect.are u realy that shallow? Im not perfect n dint claum to be so take ur cyberballs n be nasty to someone else..u ppl make me sick.
  • thyrasgammaU all should be ashamed of your behavior
  • shellmill68Bdhriehzbkakd??? What ? That's not short hand dear
  • k_good05@pixystix66 it's true people sure dont have ears because he was probably the best and now I don't care who wins anymore
  • thyrasgamma@shellmill68 ..r u serious?..grow the hell up..n dont call me dear..tyvm go away
  • amberlake314I'm sad that trevin is gone. He was amazing!
  • starsrfunI CALL ADAM DIBS!!!
  • snoopyunicornerLol
  • kristen.reneeeeI tht RAELYNN!!!!!!
  • itshansanotanswer@nbcthevoice how do we watch the live aftershow? :s
  • kaylee_ctRAELYNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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