Bumped into Martha Stewart Back Stage Macaroni Martha
  • therealbigboiBumped into Martha Stewart Back Stage Macaroni Martha

  • artistknownasjMartha got money, she could have chains like Mr. T but that's silly nigga shit. Look at her she's laughing about it mentally.
  • hoodskala@kylestephan revisit the Stallworth case they settled out of court, nonetheless someone did lose their life. Big Ben has been accused of raping women (plural), evidence was not working in his favor thus an out of court settlement handled that matter. No need to pull a race card it was pulled much longer before any of these cases. I understand ( or at least Ill try to grasp your perspective), if you want to cite cases of gross injustice based on race, you will lose in dramatic fashion good sir. Wrong is wrong but who gets labled criminal or the perceived criminal is a much deeper conversation than an instagram post can handle. Im sure your a decent guy, be well, enjoy your reality (or bubble) while those who know the real navigate the shark infested waters (at times) of reality and some courageous people (of all races) work towards progress and fair justice for all. Dont let the election of President Obama have you so blindsided (but you can afford to think that way) you think the idea of race and practice of racism (economic and social) no longer matters. Im hopeful but not delusional of how far we have yet to go as a society. May this message meet you in good spirits, be sure to support BIG BOI, this is so fitting pick up Viscous Lies and Dangerous Rumors, its so applicable.
  • hoodskala@rk954 @louie_ma. @jayharris66 @jjay954
  • jayharrisiii@hscholar Why respond to such a comment? You're better than that 2 cent loser!... I thought this was another picture of a big booty girl.
  • hoodskala@jayharris66 he is no loser, just misinformed. May that post benifit more than just him. From time to time its good to sharpen your knife you want to make sure its always sharp enough to cut apart " Viscous Lies and Dangerous Rumors" word to Big Boi!!!!
  • kelly_webbMartha can get it...
  • djmorgasmThis is the best thing I have seen in 2012!! #EPIC
  • miss__jillOmg!!! Hahahah @aokamo619
  • yourgirlwhit_@therealbigboi this is amazing
  • _adrianamariaLmao what?
  • flex_with_lexMartha wants the D
  • improvidus_Fuckin HUH-LARRY-US
  • daniscloset34Gangster Martha @therealbigboi
  • likealionsartwork@therealbigboi @cccandis Thank y'all for everything! Never imagine my hat on The View. Priceless
  • cccandis@likealionsart Thank For Hooking us up with those #atown Hats.
  • therealbigboi@likealionsart Real niggas stay Down
  • likealionsartwork@therealbigboi Hell yeah i got some more dope hats coming and VLADR is phenomenal man!
  • killa_keese916Lmao Martha stay thuggin
  • cccandisYou find custom #Atowndown hats from Jay @likealionsart
  • libtard_fixxerAwesome
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