Like this if you're voting for Nicholas David! #thevoice #voicetop4
  • nbcthevoiceLike this if you're voting for Nicholas David! #thevoice #voicetop4

  • charlottelao@asyourghost
  • pinkabsIdiots
  • thekidisanl7weenieah okay but you're agreeing to a comment where someone says he needs to lose the hair or he loses the show @charlottelao
  • jacqui6060LOVE
  • s04haileyTotally LOVE Nicholas ......I soooo want him to win!!!! Everyone vote!!!
  • riccybrenesHes amazing
  • naomihasErt
  • donkeytiaray'all have morphed him too much. LOVED the dichotomy of his original look and his voice. You have made him more "mainstream", which is supposed to go against the objective of the show. Confusing.
  • meadie__I had an opinion... And that's what I said. Im sorry, I don't like him. I wouldn't buy his music, regardless of his hair or not. @asyourghost and thank you. @charlottelao I'm sorry, but either cassadee or Trevin deserves to win.
  • meadie__@asyourghost listen. I just don't like his hair....
  • creesemanIf u don't like him just shut your mouth ok? Respect please.
  • gigi297Ur mean
  • shellmill68Luv ya Nicholas. I hope either u or Terry win. Trevino needs a little more time. And casadee can sing with the mini pops
  • rhythmiclady82I voted 60 times! I had no other way to vote so that was my highest voting count! :) You deserve this Nicholas! Go team Ceelo!
  • natalie.russell@kath3rinem
  • carenbeth@nbcthevoice Nicholas is my favorite. Love his voice and style.
  • msbeautiful715I love the fact that he remains true to himself no matter what anyone thinks!! He's happy, his family is happy, so who are we to do anything but show him our love and support!! I think you are totally awesome Nickolas!!
  • tranzmaniandevil#minnesota
  • lifeiz360Nick was on fire
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