Shooting a scene for the final episode of 30ROCK.
  • icetShooting a scene for the final episode of 30ROCK.

  • brownchompsoup@icemft NICEEEEE
  • cassidytaylordHave Fun. :D @icemft
  • kingsalomonii@icemft your a soldier, sorry about your weekend news
  • cyco_city_mikeNice.
  • rebeccaawrighttAHH !! That's awesome!! I love Alec Baldwin and Tina fey !! Have u met @cmoretz ?! She's always filming for them!!
  • belwritesFirst a new body count album is announced then this? Come on trifecta... Australian tour!!!???
  • sckoul@icemft keep working! Hope all is good at home though. Keep going hard! #muchsupport
  • blackatronShould say ICE MUTHAFUCKIN T
  • cynical_coffeeNoooo, last episode ever been shot :(
  • pebslebonAwesome! Keep us posted as to air date plz! :)
  • throttlelifeNow i really can't wait to see #30Rock last episode!
  • mylacruzi love 30rock
  • xselxnaAwesome
  • xristostsipourasgot to be in this with you and belzer. looking forward to seeing it! we kicked it about new music seminar between takes. Always like being on set with you!
  • daddydillYOU DOING IT BIG ALWAYS KNEW YOU WOULD!!!!!!!!! A big fan from day one (6 am)
  • the_inf_officialWhat the FUCK!? YOU'RE ON THE LAST 30 ROCK?!?!? IM ON SEASON 4....I ALMOST WANNA JUST SKIP TO THE LAST SHOW NOW BUT I CAN'T. When i finish the show , im starting full in writing for my show. I wrote up a nice sitcom idea and I want to write out a few episodes.
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