What a 44-pound loss looks like in regular clothes. #cinchspiration
  • jennaepetersenWhat a 44-pound loss looks like in regular clothes. #cinchspiration

  • talimadavisYou look great congrats
  • jennaepetersenThank you @bklimegreen !
  • xojoclo👌👌👌👌👌
  • ablendermom🏆👍👍
  • milroseplaceWow weeee!! Has it been really tough? I need to do this. Well done xx
  • skimbacoWow!!!!
  • renaydwYou look great! Awesone progress.
  • jennaepetersenThanks @xojoclo @shaneybee @skimbaco @renaydw ! @milroseplace It was tough, but absolutely worth it! Read my story at http://greenandgorgeous.net
  • jennaepetersenToday, I #honormycurves by taking care of my body. I'm not losing weight to be "skinny" or to fit anyone else's perception of what I should look like. I'm doing it so I can be healthy. So I can be around to see my family grow. When I took the photo on the left, I was basically faking the confidence that I didn't yet feel, and I'd be lying to myself if I said I was healthy at the time. In the photo on the right, taken today, 4 days before my 30th birthday, I'm finally feeling that confidence in myself and my curves, and I've developed healthy habits for a lifetime :)
  • msky_80You look great.. What program are you using.. Your a motivation to others.
  • jennaepetersenThanks @msky_80 ! I'm doing the Cinch program from a company called Shaklee. Read about it at my blog, www.greenandgorgeous.net . Click "weight loss journey" at the top
  • theliawinterNice!!
  • sitnprettiWhat an Amazing journey! You look great!
  • jennaepetersenWeight loss transformation. It was 44 lbs. when I took this pic in December. It's 50 lbs. now :) #fullystacked
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