Heading to shoot around and i was at a light i just looked up and thought this was interesting in so many ways. #blessed
  • kingjamesHeading to shoot around and i was at a light i just looked up and thought this was interesting in so many ways. #blessed

  • ryan_kistemaker@37yeezy lebron PROMISED a championship. He left us to join his gay little dinasaur and goldfish lover kyeies a team player
  • iamtgxiii@ryan42253 wat could he have done in Cleveland he had verajo and Gibson he took u guys to the finals lost to the spurs 4-0 cuz u guys chocked he was the only one trying I bet kyrie will leave to just wait then ur ganna be like kyrie is a traitor and everyone hates him but if lebron goes back I bet u will be so happy and ur jealous that our team in Miami actually won a championship call me when cleavland wins one
  • ryan_kistemakerNobody wants him BAck @37yeezy I'm sure if he left u like he did here you'd hate him
  • iamtgxiii@ryan42253 just so u know I liked the cavs but you know that was because of lebron now that he is in MIAMI!!!!!!! I like him even more and if he leaves I won't be like half of cleavland which burned his shirt because they were mad no I would understand because I would do the same if I was a basketball player
  • ryan_kistemakerYeah sure u wouldnt leave ur hometown which made u @37yeezy
  • iamtgxiii@ryan42253 I would never hate him because he's me idol my inspection for basketball some people idolize micheal Jordan well I don't I idolize lebron because he is a role model and the best basketball player in history of the nba
  • iamtgxiii@ryan42253 I could care less about my hometown if I was a nba allstar it's my life not theirs
  • iamtgxiii@ryan42253 ran out of words to respond or googling comebacks
  • ryan_kistemakerWhat no don't need ur BS @37yeezy
  • iamtgxiii@ryan42253 ok have a nice day lebron hater I hope we see u in the playoffs to sweep u
  • ryan_kistemakerU guys suck.I lost to dirk hahah lol @37yeezy
  • iamtgxiii@ryan42253 man have you won a championship no like i said u never will so stfu
  • iamtgxiii@ameermohammad he's a cleavland fan boy
  • iamtgxiii@ryan42253 and u put I lost not you learn how to type kid
  • _cam_16That looks like a person reaching out over you it could be God reaching out his hand to protect and guide you through all you do, you should feel very blessed!:):)
  • po_sigh_dinYou tripin all i see is the pope
  • johnthrasher22Hey lebron i have the same birthday as you, I watch your highlights on YouTube every day and your my inspiration keep on dunking on people and keep doing what your doing!! I love watching you play with your energy and power every game! Have a relaxing off season and dominate next year, i know you will!!!
  • slumville__Lebron your fake I bet you would never write me back
  • alcidestapia@jptapia17
  • iiii_____iiiisaacLove you man
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