My guardian angel. I miss you so damn much mom. I love being told I look like you. I love you. #RIP
  • dalispaigeMy guardian angel. I miss you so damn much mom. I love being told I look like you. I love you. #RIP

  • brittanicarroll@dalispaige I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my mother 2 years ago. It can be hard sometimes just remember you have a beautiful guardian angel watching over you :)
  • lauralyndseyYou are absolutely gorgeous! So jealous! :)
  • econtreras4everI'm so sorry for your loss I know how you feel I lost my mom 10 months ago
  • amanda.victoria.walshAww sorry for your loss I lost my mom too, it gets easier i promise
  • dominiquejones26@dalispaige I'm very sorry about your mom
  • keepingupwith_jacksLove that honda sweatshirt. I work at honda headquarters :) nice!
  • ninfazentenoSo sorry for your loss my thoughts are with you at this moment. She will rest in peace be in pain no more and know that she has a great daughter.
  • vii.ii.xii lost my mom 4/25/06 and my grandmother who helped before and continued to raise me afterwards 12/14/12. i dont know how you feel, but i sure can imagine. knowing they're in a better place will make things better, and just remember, when you talk to her, she can still hear you in your heart
  • sierraamber__You two look a lot alike . Sorry for your loss. Rest in peace <3
  • mrskatiesieboldtI'm so sorry for your loss. God bless.
  • dianeprescott36Beautiful
  • rebekkalyndwyer@dalispaige you're a lot strong than I could ever be! I hope you know that no matter how much people hate on you, you're still an awesome person. You're blessed with such a beautiful guardian angel and I am happy to know someone is watching over you!
  • naduh_I'm sorry dalis . Hope you're doing good ❤marina
  • alexiabreannagYou have her smile! @dalispaige
  • patriceogoanSo beautiful ❤ yous are so alike 👼🙏 @dalispaige
  • meganchaconShe is beautiful and you do look like her, you have her smile. I too love being told I look like my mom did. I love looking in the mirror And seeing her eyes state back at me.
  • haleybaaabyYou guys look identical! You have an amazing angel watching over you!
  • haleybaaaby@dalispaige
  • me_llamo_pulchritudinousHer smile :) it's your smile, that's lucky ❤
  • dznutzzz615Wow u do.
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