I've got 11" Of snow and counting... More expected ...wow
  • chefazI've got 11" Of snow and counting... More expected ...wow

  • aoyamoteastI'm jealous
  • beshdichizziMy brother lives just north of the Twin Cities, sent me an almost identical photo. Looks like a nice snow.
  • chefkenya@chefaz where is this?
  • parkerjones1Nice
  • kingdrakeWe have 13 on top of the deck rail in st paul
  • nanceysSo jealous... We got one storm back in October and haven't seen snow since.. CT sucks.
  • ted_mcclainReally jealous
  • marivaldaBeautiful!
  • ceceloves21Ditto... So living up north...the south sucks
  • tiff3095Oh lord!!! I would love to see snow
  • edutotWe have 13" in Edina!
  • jg19940922i wish we had snow here
  • huniveeEnjoy
  • ehr0nwow !!! lol here in sanantonio its hot and humid ... thats totally awesome !!!
  • loraininlaHey....that's what the holidays are supposed to look like! It was overcast and about 72 in los Angeles today.
  • gatedialer@ehr0n hopefully that "cold" front will lower the temps. Today's high was ridiculous. lol
  • domesticzooIt's overcast and in the 70/80 here in Southern California, about 2 hours further South East of San Diego! Wish I was there!
  • ehr0n@gatedialer I hope so ... It sure feels a lot cooler right now than it did during the day .. That's for sure .
  • krazykolegacLooks the same in burnsville @chefaz
  • katsoccer13Jealous!!
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