What an experience today at the stick! Thank you @49ers for the love and the signed football! #neverforgettingtoday
  • sergioromo54What an experience today at the stick! Thank you @49ers for the love and the signed football! #neverforgettingtoday

  • cjlo05Woohoo what a great experience and you had the best stand up seats on the field! Go Niners!
  • bmoreno_12Hope I get those signatures but with giants player all over a baseball and that wats up!!
  • prizmorenoYou would have loved our Paisa tailgate party con el tamborazo! @sergioromo54 ! 🎷🎺
  • antebobo@sauul11 you are insane! @sergioromo54 is such a genuinely good guy! Your attack on him is unfounded. If he didn't sign something for you I'm sure there was a legitimate reason why. As for your comment about girls commenting or only being fans in October you can leave me out of that group... I've been a fan since T-ball!
  • sauul11Exactly @nicoya2004
  • sauul11Of course my comment was deleted @antebobo he's been deleting a lot of my comments. Just check my IG on a short sample of the convo we had. There you will see 2 comments you don't find on this picture. One from him and me. Hope you read it.
  • antebobo@sauul11 I'm not sure who erased what and frankly don't care. I stand by my original comment. I wish you well in life, with that attitude you'll need all the help you can get.
  • sauul11@antebobo "I am so secure in myself I could care less what people think of me." -Barry Zito
  • sergioromo54@kween_b_rad hi!! Thanks for findng it and letting me know!! Can u please cut it in half and throw it away please?! I cancelled it!! Thanks!
  • ashclegg@teenagecat
  • olepiversenI watched them give it to you
  • __c.cox__Oh my god I love your pitching yur so great!!!!! Sorry I just really like the giants
  • candi_kingDope
  • _eric_schumann_@sergioromo54 can you follow me?
  • rakawalter@sergioromo54 i hope could wear the shirt i gave you tonight @ the toy Drive www.soyraka.com
  • chocoyitoI saw that one...you got aldon smith's autograph...nice!
  • gabyflores23My cousin Saul and I saw u here!!
  • d_heben@sergioromo54 hit me up I want to send you out some young and reckless gear
  • _lis1@sergioromo54 your a very lucky guy
  • jacob_the_shorty@sergioro54 you get VIP man
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