Super cooperative despite fracture in her upper left arm
  • dooceSuper cooperative despite fracture in her upper left arm

  • bethanytabI'm sorry :(
  • mtimes43fx later, I can tell you it will be ok, and she will have the cool cred in kindergarten. Hang in there!
  • lizhcarpenterOh no! Poor Marlo.
  • melindastacerPoor kiddo.
  • bug_n_bears_mamaOh that sad little face!!! Be well Marlo, the interwebz are all polling for you sweetest girl!!!!! xoxox
  • bug_n_bears_mama*pulling
  • beez27Awww Marlo! Good thoughts coming your way! Hope Leta wasn't too freaked out!
  • pandora_hasaboxOh, poor wee lamb. Feel better, sweet Marlo.
  • treeervinHope she feels better.
  • andreaupdykeSo sorry! My son broke his leg at 23mos old. I felt awful! It's amazing how fast they heal and learn to work with the cast. Hang in there mama!
  • chey_starkWhat a trooper. Good luck to you!
  • laundrydaybluesMy daughter broke her ankle twice, her leg once, and her arm once. All between the ages of 1-5 . It was not fun! Thankfully she's been cast free for a whole 2 years! Lol
  • laundrydaybluesHope Marlo feels better!
  • urbandaisy__She's darling! My daughter broke her arm and she cried the most getting the cast cut off. The sound was scary! Kids are resilient and I second the glad press and seal.
  • julia_gabrick@dooce so, Christmas in a cast?? But I bet she'll still manage to tear through presents faster than most. Sending positive energy from lalaland.
  • shannon_romeroPoor thing!!!!
  • mjk_ultra_Amazing eyes on this little one 👀
  • _wen_Poor kid! How are YOU holding up?
  • pdxhadeyShe is seriously such a trooper!
  • oppskjortaMy son fractured his upper arm when he was three. On the checkup a few weeks later they thought they x-rayed the wrong arm, since the didn't see the fracture. Hope she heals just as fast and completely. Not fun!
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