Was misprinted in that article. I will never bite my tongue.
  • _stak5_Was misprinted in that article. I will never bite my tongue.

  • ellisogdp23Set um strait stacks
  • tazzmanian34The past is the past... We all make mistakes man.. It's how you react after them
  • drizzyfukindrebitchDats real biting ya tongue hurting yaself!!!
  • soyjaydee@stak5ots your still a badass to me jack
  • aircando@stak5ots and metta w.p. = toughest craziest dudes in the nba
  • pacettiJack yer my favorite Spur!!!
  • dpowellmediaI read the terrible article on bleacher report and honestly you don't owe anyone an apology. What happened is over and done with, you didn't start any of this and the media is good at switching words around to get more attention for their publication. Keep playing ball and being yourself as long as you can live with yourself that's all that matters.
  • mreverywhere365Man you don't know nobody shit....You a P.A Kneegrow....It is what it is.... #WellPutYaHandsOnMe
  • metaldagger411Damn no matter no one says or writes your my favorite since I was young kid @stak5ots
  • livingforgreatness_aafTrill shit
  • gabbaayy16God remains sovereign, Jack. Proud of you! Could not be happier to have you on my favorite team. Praying for your recovery! #spurs #hurryupandhealpinky
  • fairhavenfishDon't explain shit stak!!! Fuck all that. What's done in the past is exactly that. The past!!
  • boogie7777@stak5ots I don't know you personally but I can say you did what most would do. You went to help your fellow teammate and friend. You defended yourself. And as a fan, if I threw a drink on you, if I'm not ready to get my ass whipped, ima drink my drink and stfu! You a real dude in a lot of ppl eyes and the ones that talk bad bout you, only do so cause they wish they were you. Keep doing ya thing. Signed a fan of ya game
  • full_measure_nvr_halfWe know you're cool as fuck bro. Can't wait to see you back out there. #GoSpursGo
  • c_moneysys@stak5ots u a rare breed homie allot of people don't know what real is these days keep being u dog #1000
  • moonlasersStr8 up @stak5ots
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