Right is right, wrong is wrong.
  • _stak5_Right is right, wrong is wrong.

  • samiryounesFuck @sergeibaka still.
  • 23_8_7#salute to Capt. Jack
  • dwiltz_b3i be like dat some time big hommie but shidd do wat u want mane
  • soyjaydee@stak5ots still got your back stack5
  • ekosrFUCK EM! They talk shit than back down like bitches. The City has your back!
  • ayotheproducerPrayer my brotha
  • davin_sliderYo real talk is real talk, it doesn't make u a thug for expressing how u feel. Everybody has their opinions and not everybody is gonna like what u say but it is what it is. #respect @stak5ots
  • chico78203Real nigga shit mayne we know the real u u not a hoe but u gotta do what's right big bro
  • longway_elchapo@stak5ots what did you say tho
  • greazzy_Bruh say Wat u feel... That's the problem wit da world now to many ppl conceal'n they real thoughts an feelns ... If a nigga Shrimp let'em kno , of ah nigga fake, Gay, Snitchn,be'n ah Bitch let dem kowards kno or they will keep on n that way Sum1 has ta break there Vicious Cycle.... TRU REAL NIGGAZ bak #TightPants Sqaure niggaz O U T!!!!!!
  • fasho24Stop apologizing!!
  • iamthaconnect💯
  • beauk23The NBA made him do this
  • beauk23Respect tho
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