The liquor kept us warm #BitchesOnIce #RIHpost
  • badgalririThe liquor kept us warm #BitchesOnIce #RIHpost

  • princessvvs@_dopediet
  • estiti13Im commenting this "old" picture so that my comment doesnt lose itself among the others... Rihanna, i really want you to read this, i want u to know why i love you so much... Years ago i felt so bad, i wasnt self confident, i hated myself to be honest. Then, i heard about this barbadian girl called "Rihanna". I started listening to her music and i liked it. No sorry, i LOVED it. You became my main addiction. I spend no day without thinking about you. You saved me, you saved my life. I dont know how to thank you for all u've been doing for me, or should i say: for us!! The Rihanna Navy!!! I love you Rihanna. Do not change. Please. Do not ever change. You're perfection. I love you so much.
    Thank you. Esteban, a french fan.
  • gilliethekid007You look like you and yo clique enjoyin life, I can feel that, get me drinkin and I'll get it in, but its critical the scales don't tip in the wrong direction or its a bad night for everyone lol I voice my opinion
  • estiti13@_moeshahoot whats ya prob son of a bitch? Imma break every single bone of ur fuckin little bitchbody
  • estiti13@_moeshahoot yes i am and? u jealous? Poor boy
  • estiti13H a h a h a :) people like u have me laugh.
  • _shymone_Dolder Zurich. Dang!! ❄🍸
  • thishemurdahhY'all skates by y'all self that's sad u should of brought me Gina
  • estiti13@rude_tudetae thank you so much! Thats EXACTLY what i meant. Her music just gave me another way to see my life.. :)
  • post @esteban_rdiva I see a lot of negativity toward you and the lifestyle you chose but, thats what makes you You! In a world where so many are cruel, ignorant and refuse to understand; You remained True To Self! Many heterosexuals cannot do the same yet they are worried about the path that you chose. The fact that you are able to wake up everyday and love/be who you are no matter what is what makes you Beautiful ;)
  • estiti13@monreaux wow!! You can't imagine how good it feels to read this kind of message. You made my day! THANK YOU!!! I really don't know why straight people worry that much about "us" (i mean, gays). We didn't chose to be like this, we are who we are, and above all WE ARE HUMANS! We're all the same: gay, straight, black, white, girls, boys etc! As Rihanna says in Cheers "Don't let the bastards get you down!" And i surely wont!!! Haha :)
  • Exactly! You were born this way and there Nothing at all wrong with that! God created all men and he created them All equal! I honestly don't know why straight people get so caught up in it either but I'm just happy that you don't get all caught up in what they think :) and you're very welcome Shuga, keep shining Bright Like A Diamond! :-*
  • hiijerryI was there today :p
  • iconic_mSwitzerland/Zürich/Dolder... Nice one
  • stephnymcdougallWhere's @jennnrosales been?
  • yelablack_xoZurich best city ! *.*
  • finetotoLove! !
  • _thisisloveIn my country !!
  • sibc3Haa
  • hollybeemandura@jerit55 us will be brah #denvafeelz
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