My bad the last pic I just posted was a few days ago this was tonight's sunset .. Photo cred @rydenway #newyearsday #socal
  • dannywayMy bad the last pic I just posted was a few days ago this was tonight's sunset .. Photo cred @rydenway #newyearsday #socal

  • lilbingyThat's so sick
  • skepticallincolnAwesome
  • cokepedreroWow 👌
  • zachweber68I just watched waiting for lightning, great job.
  • jimmykmauiBeautiful Pic--Happy New Year from our Ohana to the Way's
  • blowup_skateboardsGoodness
  • emmett_b1Crazy pics
  • cole_gerardHey Danny my name is cole and you are probably one of the biggest influences in not just my skating but in my LIFE so if you respond to this it will make me happier than ever and your movie "waiting for lightning" was incredible
  • rydenwayActually its photo creds to @gmcsurf
  • boosted_blue_stNice
  • b_penningtonYour documentary was rad! Legend!!! @dannyway Been talking to Brett a bit... Cool as shit!
  • cade_pattThat is sick
  • dannywayHey Cole I'm very grateful to have someone say something so amazing to me like that! I appreciate that very much and it drives me to have good people like yourself supporting me and what I do! You the man! Never give up NEVER!! @crazzycole
  • dannywayHey Brian thank you so much for that my brother i appreciate the love very much !! and I look forward to a session soon with u soon too... much love to u too bro @b_pennington
  • dannywayI really appreciate that and very hyped you enjoyed the film! Thank you again for the support and taking the time to watch my story .. Much love @ngmt47
  • dannywayThank u my friend ! Much love @zsw1
  • james__hodgesYour the man @dannyway making people's day!
  • dannywayThank you my brother ! U made mine @jameshodges69
  • rsglass1@dannyway Happy to find you on here! You were (and still are) one of my inspirations.
  • nonexistent_0000Thats insane💯👍
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