Last night Ayden partied it up with his mom @PhaedraParks at my house!
  • kandiLast night Ayden partied it up with his mom @PhaedraParks at my house!

  • dollydollydollymybabySo delicious lol he is too cute!
  • ladytomlin22So beautiful
  • arianprincess1005every body knows lol
  • therealkaylanicoleAlligator pie! Sooo delicious!
  • papacciolaThat little boy is going to break a lot of hearts
  • bjoewolfLove miss @phaedraparks ! :)
  • she_me_her_official_houstonBeautiful!
  • bowdacioushipzNext to u kandi, phadre is the next best thang to bn the way kandi handles things n phadre a real nice southern bell!
  • simplybookie@kandiburruss u made me so proud to share May with u a real Taurus bull u kept it real with @phaedraparks when corney ppl talked behind her back!! thanx for Reppn
  • samyaa_____Soooo adorable
  • jovanna_____OMG I Love Phadrea && Her Southern Accent
  • g_lovesmusicLove you. To
  • g_lovesmusicI have to say you and Padres are the only 2 reason I still watch the show. For Miss America or Uni what the Drama Queen that no one can remember her or her title I have to keep asking people who is she and what did she do. I hate people who call others of the very thing they themselves are guilty of. The child needs help
  • g_lovesmusicOh yeah my lady Ms NeE you are doing It !! Go head with your bad self. Even though you be cracking me up cause I swear you be getting things started, I be lol with you!!!!
  • ajadosBesides u , she's one of my favorite, just down to earth lady's on a mission! ! Love u guys, ever in Los Angles, chkw me out, honeycomb yohaur@Yangon
  • vbplayer10Cute little ayden
  • sameosir3342I love @phaedraparks lips, I jus wanna kiss'm one time.
  • black0bsidianHe's so frickin cute:)))
  • size2diva_HE is so cute! Waitn on a lil girl...she wld b so cute
  • charmaiinebabeszWhat a beauty
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