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  • brianna9182Hi. I know I've likes a ton of ur photos and commented on a lot but I really hope you read this one. My boyfriend and I are such big fans of yours. I'm not saying were your number 1 but we are big fans. My boyfriend plays baseball on varsity in high school. He's been playing for almost 8 years. He's great and he wants to become a Major League Baseball player when he's older. UCF is watching him. He wants to be like you but in baseball. I know baseball isn't as popular as basket ball but he wants to big great at what he does. He wants to be recognized when he's older. We want to stay together for a long time. We want to go to college together. Were both in 9th grade but we've been dating a year and we really love being together. He is my first boyfriend. I just want to know is there any tips you can give him? Like get good grades or something. Anything to help him get better? Any quotes you go by or just something. I hope you read this. :)
  • brianna9182Sorry it's a long comment...^^
  • m7calazansSou fã
  • carolina_mozee@brianna9182 hey sweetie I read what you commented and I think it's amazing how you and your bf have such big goals set :) me and my bf started dating freshman year of high school and we're still together now freshman in university!!! Anything and everything is possible just thought I should say that :)
  • charellthomas#Lovely #Loyal
  • he_make_me_bettaCadillac on deck... I see u
  • erika251992That's how we look together lmao! @vickyv625 🙈
  • acswaggzboy2I'm your biggest fan and I'm on your notifications and I wish you would notice me the next time you post my name is zavion miles from Alabama thank you
  • e_roccnationUgly ass bitch man
  • jesschonggYou guys are beautiful together!!!
  • jenz323@greecd89 this looks familiar
  • wrozeyouknow@oliwizzy
  • therealbrianabtWhy isn't that a Kia @kingjames
  • viniciusvieira97Casal @btrrabafran
  • btrrabafranYou and me @viniciusvieira97
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  • deleono1Que lindura @mrs.dleon waoooo
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