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  • desireesiegfried#fun #sushinight #bloodorange

  • sleepymadDes I hope you pick Drew. But I see you have a connection with Brook.
  • gina152005Beautiful
  • abi_ledonnePLEASE READ MY COMMENT HAHAHA 😂 You're seriously like my role model. I just wish I was you, you're so lucky & absolutely perfect!!!! 😊
  • abi_ledonne@hartsdesire4 @hartsdesire4 @hartsdesire4
  • mikaelroyer_Des, I don't think your gonna read this. But I just wanted to say that you are such a beautiful person inside and out. And you are such an inspiration to me, like you really are. I've gone through some really hard times like you did, but your story is truly inspiring. I'm so happy your finding love and I've been with you every step of your journey(: I hope to meet you one day!!!
  • lindseymk13Beautifully said @mikaelr3
  • mikaelroyer_Awe thank you!! @lindseymk13
  • whitneyygriffithYou're the prettiest girl in the world!
  • sophia_schummPic drew for the show
  • sydney_2332I LOVE YOU DESSIRE!!!
  • sydney_2332Sooooooo sorry!! I mean DESIREE
  • rebeccacurrie8I love u
  • katievanderveerDes, I love you so much. I know Chris is defiantly the perfect one for you❤
  • jaymeallen05You are amazing! I feel for you and I'm glad you found the one for you :)
  • tylernichols33Dear des I am excited for you and Chris and I was a huge fan I happy that you found your true love I am shocked that brooks left cause who would want to leave you you are a amazing person sensitive pretty great eyes and very nice great personality and your smiley gives everyone smiles you are athletic and you probably won't answer me back it would give mean so much to me I am really happy for you and Chris I'm so happy Chris got in engaged with you and I winter him from the last second I saw him u had something special keep it From Tyler Nichols please answer back
  • 58_hockeyVery pretty
  • ben.johnson5Awhhh😘
  • aysiagbur gorgeous
  • sasab12You so pretty
  • lindseyy_kellyyYour so god dam pretty😍😍
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