Maverick Monday!Stylist Chronicles: Closing out the year with the Sovereign in Saint Laurent! Staytuned
  • juneambroseMaverick Monday!Stylist Chronicles: Closing out the year with the Sovereign in Saint Laurent! Staytuned

  • hoodstarluxuryJune Say out My Window Those Are on My Menu Tonight!!!
  • cmillergroupNice
  • aalonaJigga!
  • ketsiaspride@juneambrose Are you bringing in the New Year at home or out celebrating?
  • kyianwilSmoove 👌
  • juneambrose@ketsiaspride working
  • madamejeuge@juneambrose 😘😘😘 wishing you a Happy Healthy Blissful Prosperous New Year ! I would love to create some O'Karim Beauty with you and also be mentored by you as I transition from Hairstyling to Styling . 🙏🙌 it's now in the universe & Juniverse . I believe our paths will cross !
  • ketsiaspride@juneambrose You're bringing the 2013 in the smart way with more $ in your handbags.. Have a Happy New Year to you and your family & those beautiful babies! Be safe& have fun! #Caribbeansisterinmyhead
  • fam0uskam@juneambrose I still am not sure I'm over the new branding! What's their logo gonna be now?! Yves is CLASSIC and a household name! I guess I'll get used to it, but I DONt WANNA
  • sashacharninmorrison@mjcosme2191 I'm with you. Chic is chic. Design a collection worthy of a name change...
  • chelenyHe looked great!!!
  • fam0uskam@sashacharninmorrison I think the collections thus far are great, but then again #hiedislimane is a genius, I just don't like them dropping the name! I mean, I get it, but I'm not sure I like it!
  • fam0uskamOops #hedislimane I meant. Lol
  • fam0uskam@sashacharninmorrison you don't like the new collection(s)?
  • sashacharninmorrison@mjcosme2191 nope. Don't like his attitude either. Such a brat.
  • fam0uskamOh really now? See I just don't know his personality. I like his work, but had no idea he was a brat! How? Details...hol on, I'm gone to get popcorn! Let's gossip @sashacharninmorrison
  • sashacharninmorrison@mjcosme2191 read it all here. Both bratty but this was so unprofessional and stupid. The real YSL would have never done this. It's just really bad behavior and its old. he's not a kid anymore and he's extremely one note.
  • fam0uskamYeah I agree with you! Unprofessional to say the least! Hey, I just figured out who you are! I have your book! It's a little beaten up, as I have shared it with friends, but it's THE BEST! I mean it! You taught me a lot! Wow! I can't believe I'm talking to you! You're an inspiration and thank you! @sashacharninmorrison
  • fam0uskamOh and hi @juneambrose sorry to have a conversation on your thread but you're connecting people! Even when you didn't intend to! Social media....THANK UOU
  • fam0uskamYOU I MEANT. Lol
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