Looking forward to day 1 of my new #365project tomorrow. I'm doing 365 photos at home. Any of you joining in? What subject?
  • elsielarsonLooking forward to day 1 of my new #365project tomorrow. I'm doing 365 photos at home. Any of you joining in? What subject?

  • inkerinkinkeri@a_roaring_rampage_of_revenge I was talking about this! 😊 Join?
  • we_are_the_donovans@bylaurac I did a 'little things' 365 a couple of years ago (didn't quite finish though). It was an amazing project, I loved it! I'm starting a project called Healthy Girl 365 today... Trying to build up to a much healthier lifestyle than the one I live now, one day at a time.
  • mrsdavisxoI'm starting my 365 days in April. my first 365 days of marriage! can't wait :)
  • sammeycharNothing much is consistent in my life right now, but me and my husband are starting a new chapter of our life in our very first apartment so I'm just going to try and do pictures that represent that day, in this next chapter of our like. Thank you @elsiecake for the idea
  • elsielarson@kcam7 thrive furniture :))
  • a_roaring_rampage_of_revenge@inkafinland JEI, let's do this!!😃
  • lindylou571Definately joining in @elsiecake and I am going with your theme of home ❤🏡❤
  • kelsikitchenSo how does the 365 work? Is there a list of different things for each day... Or do you just take a pic a day?
  • totallynicheI'm doing 365 thoughts of mine projected out there onto the Internet! At least one fb, twitter, Instagram or blog update etc everyday.... I'm really inspired by your home shots so here's to a year of great posting xx
  • mrscuttellI'm going to participate by taking pix of one meal a day. Hopefully this makes me somewhat more accountable about what i put into my body and ideally inspires me to cook more at home.
  • krollllIll go for a quite simple project, take a photo everyday of smthng that happened during the day, or smtthng that made me smile, or smthing i did.. so to say, something that will represent my day! I'm so happy to start this 365project as Im sure it would help me improve my technic and that it would be great to see all these pix next 31st december!
  • elsielarson@misssubcultural you can do it however you want. I'm doing photos of my home everyday bc I want to make a book with them. You can choose any subject :))
  • kelsikitchenThanks Elsie! Happy new year!!
  • smithyoGreat idea I will try I love taking pictures of my 4 rescue doxies
  • tigerltdI was catching up on your blog today & saw that you had started this project. I also decided to set myself a challenge & am doing #365daysofhome I'm looking forward to seeing your photos & hope I can stick with it for the year:-)
  • quique_peralesCute
  • jennifer_alanisIn love with your yellow couch!!!!
  • aimee.joI never picked a subject but because of ABM I'm doing my best at the 365project && having so much fun! Thanks for inspiring me! ❤🎀
  • virienasutioni hvn't decided yet about the subject. this will be my first #365project !! feel excited already!!
  • rachel.l.frankOh. My. Lovethecouch!
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