• e_manFinished?

  • fleur.rebellee__Please! 🙏
  • jcardone24We can only hope
  • mr.met1986I think so! He needs to go! Trade him an Tebow. Draft or go get some FA.
  • blitz3989He isn't completely shot yet, he is fixable but we need an offensive minded coach to teach him right. Ryan wasn't and never will be the right coach to nurture a young QB.
  • andrewliberatoreHopefully not he's got the talent he's just mentally broken
  • donnamarie003i think he can turn it around with the right personnel around him
  • boogie322You saw what he can do with talent around him. Not just yet...
  • gustavo805Done
  • merlovesjetsfootballNope I think he's staying
  • jbones72Nope...I'm convinced they hire Turner & give #6 one more year
  • gscott1847They hire Norv and bring in Vick or a real veteran QB to challenge him.
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