Love you guys. @aof_official @dirtyblacklungs @georgepettit @ratbeard & Steele (who still doesn't exist on the Internet)
  • cityandcolour_officialLove you guys. @aof_official @dirtyblacklungs @georgepettit @ratbeard & Steele (who still doesn't exist on the Internet)

  • clairelevesqueThat was one hell of a pressurized pit.
  • kenanbobBest night ever
  • brodiejcUnreal concert, best band ever! Love you guys!!!
  • roxcaronI still refuse to believe it's over. This is saying goodbye to my teenage years and all the hardship the music helped me through. I'm not done with you yet. You'll always be the onle band ever!
  • fraggieeeI love you guys! You've really touched my heart over the years. I've been to as many of your gigs as possible, got AOF ink and even left you alone when I saw you eating dinner.. Didn't wanna disturb :P. I'm also angry.. You guys were only ever getting better and that's hard for a band to do. Much love x
  • tcworthSo fucking mad I missed it -.-
  • kkkkatie86The only band ever. Always
  • girliegunshowSuch a bittersweet moment last night. Incredible.
  • rock1cherry@girliegunshow I totally agree. It was amazing. I loved the sentiment of the show serving as a celebration. It put my head in the right mind space.
  • anne_becks
  • nportelanceThank you for the music, the great shows, and some of the best memories.
  • ladie_bug05Heartbroken I couldn't make it last night. I was walking towards Copps and I got a call that my 4 month old baby was very sick. I spent what should have been a night rocking out to one of my favourite bands of all time at the hospital :( mommy has to do what a mommy has to do #truelove #heartbroken
  • vince_vtlDid Chris even speak at the Hamilton show? haha. "it's like a unicorn French kissing a yeti".
  • alphawolfe_Most amazing show
  • emmafinnertyxoTHE ONLY BAND EVER <3 is anyone else mourning over AOF?? So gutted I won't see them again x
  • _cdavidsonWhy does it say that @aof_official cannot be found???
  • mikeb905Best shows I've seen FUCK!
  • stosstosThis is such an amazing photo..
  • shnickyfranceThis shit looks..priceless
  • matt_squires_@cityandcolour_official I was there and it was honestly the best night of my life. it was my first concert and it was a really good one.
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