The Texans fall to the Colts 28-16.
  • houstontexansThe Texans fall to the Colts 28-16.

  • wesdillardmatt schaub is never going to take us to a championship. Time to face that and do something about it.
  • stephjill82Although Kubiak could be a little more aggressive, all in all they had a great regular season. Very proud of all my boys!!!
  • isomorphicalgorithmsGood... Texans need to realize that they just got lucky...
  • jjohnson_houstonHind sight is 20 - 20 but we should have gotten Peyton. This is on the GM for sticking with Schaub.
  • pizzamountainSticking with Schaub who had his best season yet and made the pro bowl.
  • cmackerzzzzz@latexana_mjc I know, they think they're so good ever since they've been #1!! They need to pick up the intensity a little bit! GO TEXANS!!
  • tx911@pizzamountain yeah he looks great
  • catacombstexasThey have been a let down these last few weeks
  • _joshh19They suck loll
  • mmm.argaritaI still love my Texans
  • proguerraColts suck. They r literally Lucky
  • ksagasguevaraI still love my Texans, but yeah, not happy. Should've locked in no. 1 last weekend against the Vikings.
  • walkerblackDamn. We have done so bad since the overtime jags game
  • eduardo.__No!!!!!! Why have they've been playing sucky?!!!!
  • champion70It was luck.There offensive coordinator showed at the game after being in the hospital it was just luck.Like when we played the raiders they only won because they had god on their side with their owner dying and all
  • navenozidMmmm... >:P
  • sknoblochHouston Texans: You blew it. You had it and you blew it. I am still a fan but it would nice to see your team have a qb that can throw a football.
  • andremassicottHe will not go down
  • emmafreerayfrC est le seul truc que j aime regarder les placege!very good;))
  • sarahgroce_@josephwmurphy ha. There's no such thing as luck. It's just our skill.
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