Welcome to Week 17. #NYJvsBUF #tebowtime
  • nflWelcome to Week 17. #NYJvsBUF #tebowtime

  • angel_toetuuGo Tebow... Cheering you on all Th way frm Australia!!! and for all you Tebow haters?? Look at yourself 1st. Cos his awesome!!!
  • joshs_47@sohoonevasober Steve young was a backup at first...
  • joshs_47Now he's one of the greats
  • tdonovan16On the jets he stinks mark Sanchez could have been good but the qb coach ruined them
  • johnny.mccRex Ryan just wasted his money
  • zhumpAnyone who said sanchez is good or good have been good is false. He wasn't a total beast in college tearing up all sorts of school records he was adequate. See you on another bench mole man!
  • obj13_Fuck the jets and fuck Sanchez I respect tebow but giants all day
  • obj13_#giants
  • nathan_g_5Pack your bag tim your going to jacksonville but if we meet the falcons are going to crush the jaguars
  • kyler133Sanchez=worst qb ever. Tebow=beast
  • kyler133Tebow actually gets in the field and plays his heart out. Sanchez get out there in the field and plays like a baby cause he knows everybody hates him.
  • wrestling_football_baseballWELL HE SUCKS
  • shahidmanHe sucks
  • vincent_marinelloPretty much everyone on the jets sucks!
  • mslvz12Go tim
  • phoebecarlesTim tebow is da bomb.com
  • amazing_minecraftTebow !
  • baseballisthebestsport23Fuck you Rex Ryan you are a fucking fat ass with no life bitch! You r a fat fuck and a bitch I hope u get fired u didn't even give the kid a chance! So you blew the playoffs for the jets
  • baseballisthebestsport23And santonio Holmes @jake_likeaboss
  • jacobparker13Fptoro23 you r fucking stupid
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